South Pole Excursion



Antarctica becomes foremost as a travel destination for those adventure seeker who wants to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity. Visiting Antarctica will be a dream that you can share with anyone. Despite its thick ice, this place is filled with wildlife, enthralling adventure and a lot of fun activities you can enjoy here.

Visit Antarctica anyway you like, from icebreakers, luxury vessels, and expedition ships, name it, this place has it all.


Have a chance to encounter whales and seals and be captivated by the beauty of calving glaciers. Most expeditions to Antarctica offers zodiac tours of icebergs and bays. You won’t afford to get off the ship to view things in an intimate manner. This is a rare experience that you won’t forget.


Kayaking in Antartica is a magnificent experience. Floating quietly past with leopard seals and paddling with jumping penguins is something that you want to do again and again. Your adventure will not be completed if you won’t experience this one. But why kayaking in Antarctica? First, this is a nice way to be close to nature. You can reach down to touch water and pick small pieces of ice. It is bragging rights when you experienced kayaking in Antartica. A cool thing that you can put on your travel resume.


Beautiful waters of Antarctica are not just for wildlife only. You can also jump in here! But it will take foolhardy to have a willingness jumping into the frigid waters. Polar Plunge is not the fainted heart. This is a popular sport to expeditioners. After taking the leap a reward will be a hot sauna and  “I Survived the Polar Plunge” t-shirt.


Antarctica highlight is visiting penguins and interact with them. Cutest animals in the world that can bring joy to anyone hearts. This little creature may stalk you mercilessly, grab your pack, and boldly introduce themselves to the timidest tourist. But these will be a memorable experience that you won’t regret.


The best place to watch whales will be Antarctica. These creatures are not afraid to human you can see them all around the sea. They don’t run away instead they come closer for a better interaction. It is a magical experience seeing a whale in a wild where you can almost reach and touch them. A gigantic animal will surely feel you amaze and think life under the sea.


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