Casino Slot Machine; Cat Queen game


“Cat Queen: Game by “PlayTech”


Cat Queen Game ,by PlayTech started in 1999, Playtech is one of the most papular gambling software suppliers that focus on casino games (i.e. Slot Machine, Card Games, etc.) Its casino content is one of the best in the market, giving the customers and players a chance to enjoy games featuring the latest technologies while playing it online. Some prefer playing online so they wouldn’t travel to their local casino. It is playable on both online and mobile platforms and over 500 casino games to enjoy.

How to play ‘Cat Queen Game’

This is one of the most popular games that you can play for real, called ‘Cat Queen’ by ‘Playtech’. Basically, there are 40 line combinations. You can either increase the number of lines or raise the line bet amount. The game is easy and can be played automatically.

Game Modes:

By selecting, ‘Autoplay’, the player will mark on a number of spins, and after choosing, the game will automaticaly initiate the roulette and will end after the desired spin numbers. The player also has control over selecting ‘Turbo Mode’. Whilst turbo mode is enabled, The player has to spin the roulette manually and decide to review each round of the game.  Note that the ‘Wild” icon is a substitute for all other symbols except for “Scatter”

Game Mechanics:

Depending on the machine, paylines begin left to right or right to left and can sometimes even be diagonal. For starters, when you hit 3 or more Scatter Symbols you will trigger 15 Free Games. Players have to take into account that if you hit the same winning combination again you receive an additional 15 Free Games. This means that you could potentially have infinite Free Games on Cat Queen, by Playtech.

Cat Queen Symbols:

  • Anubis and Maahes
  • The Scarab and the Bird Hieroglyph
  • The Ankh and the Eye of Horus
  • The Pharaoh Symbol
  • Scatter
  • Wild

Cat Queen Payline:



Gambling in Casino; Slot Machines

download.jpgIn Casino, Gambling is one of the most exciting past time nowadays. Whether it’s betting on your favorite sports team, buying tickets for the lottery, or even playing a slot machine at your local casino. Who doesn’t like to earn extra cash without having to break a sweat!? But what is the one thing that keeps people motivated to keep pushing their luck despite hitting consecutive loses in the casino? How do people fantasize with their fortune?

Since the slot machine has been famous in the casino, many gamblers try to explain a strategic advice, The problem with slot rules is that when trying to explain them to someone new to casino games, the advice means nothing more than a sympathetic smile.

While the age-old game of slots has some basic rules that anyone can understand, each game has its out unique payout structure, bonuses, minimum bets, number of pay lines and return to player rates which we will get into their hype in playing moreover. In most instance, Gamblers in the Casino does not think of losing at all. They sense the venture and joy every game. Later that time, gamblers often raise their wager to take a leap of faith whilst the others are afraid of uncertainty.

There are many reasons why people gamble

  • Exciting Risks – People love to take risks, and quite obviously gambling has its own thrill. The sense of anticipation “will I win” or “will I end up empty” A natural high, an adrenaline rush that many want to keep seeking can be experienced in gambling
  • Escapism –  The gambling environment provides an escape from everyday life. we are surrounded by different people, different sounds and emotions, all of which stimulate and arouse our senses. Some people go to their local Casino to escape bursting an unwanted anger in life.
  • Glamour – media and advertising agencies understand the psychology of gambling and often portray a stylish, sexy, fashionable image of gambling which attracts many people. In this way, the gambler in the casino tends to socialize.
  • Social – Gambling is a part of the culture in many countries and is widely anticipated by the majority of the population. Some do gambling to support their favorite team, either in NFL, Basketball, Soccer and other sports team.






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